Welcome back to school; I hope you had a lovely break for summer and are as excited about the year as we are!

Year 2’s teachers are Mrs Mendieta and Ms Davis and our teaching assistant is Miss Rogerson. Mrs Mendieta teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all day and on a Thursday morning. Ms Davis teaches the class on a Thursday afternoon and all day on a Friday and specialises in teaching Music and Religious Education.

This half term in our Topic lessons, we will be learning all about Transport. We will be looking at different types of transport, both throughout the world and in history. We will also design and make our own futuristic vehicles. We are hoping to visit the Transport Museum in Cheetham which is a great place to visit and so close by to school!

In Literacy we will be working hard to ensure that our writing contains the following things: capital letters and full stops in the correct places, question marks and exclamation marks where they are needed and apostrophes for possession and contraction. We will be starting to write our own versions of traditional tales, character descriptions and information texts as well as learning how to use our new dictionary books. You can help at home by: keeping a short journal/diary of things that your child is inspired to write about and making sure they use capital letters and full stops appropriately. You can also encourage your child to show you how they can write the letters of the alphabet in the cursive script which we will be starting to learn this term.

In our reading lessons, we will be continuing to read a variety of text types and books. Fluency and comprehension is very important and this is something which can be helped by 10 minutes reading at home every day. Your child has the opportunity to independently change their reading books several times across the week. Please encourage them to place their books in the orange book box in the classroom as soon as they require changing. We do guided reading sessions each day and your child is heard twice a week to check their progress in reading. Children are moved colour bands when they are ready to be challenged by the demands of the next colour. We formally assess your child three times a year using a reading assessment but informal assessment takes place every day. You can help at home by: reading to your child, listening to your child read and talking about the story e.g. the characters, the setting and what parts of a story they enjoy. Please encourage your child to bring their books back to school as soon as they need changing.

In maths, we are starting with our first topic which is place value – the fundamental basics of maths. Year 2 are expected to work confidently with 2-digit numbers, extending to some smaller 3-digit numbers when they are ready. Within this topic we will learn how to partition numbers in different ways as well as add and subtract them using a range of methods. We will also be starting to make sure we know our times tables fluently – in Year 2 the children are expected to know their 2s, 5s and 10s. You can help at home by:  helping your child to practice their times tables – please start with their 2x, 5x and 10x. They can move on to 3x when they are ready.  If you need a hundred square or a number line to use at home with your child, please let us know.

Our first Science topic is Materials and we will be looking at different materials, both natural and man-made. We will look at why particular materials are chosen for different purposes, depending on their uses.

We do PE twice a week so children should have their PE kits in school every Wednesday (outdoor games) and Friday (Gymnastics).

Homework in Year 2 consists of daily reading for 10 minutes minimum (of your child’s banded/coloured reading book which is one level below their class reading level to support their fluency and enjoyment/their library book), counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and completing one homework challenge per week. Homework challenges are returned back to you each week on a Monday.

Later on in the year, in May, Year 2 will take their SATs (Standard Assessment Tests). We will provide more information on this during the Spring Term and will hold a parent meeting to explain these further to you. You do not need to worry about these or do anything special to prepare your child for them.

Please feel free to speak to any of the Year 2 team should you have any questions, ideas or concerns. We are always happy to support you in any way we can and are available both before or after school.

Thank you for your support as always,

Mrs Mendieta, Ms Davis and Miss Rogerson.