Hi Year 6 parents/guardians!

Year 6 will be accessing their online learning through Microsoft Teams. Your child has been given a login and has been shown how to use Teams.

We are expecting children to log onto their live sessions at 9:10am and at 1:00pm every day. These sessions typically last half an hour and will be a chance for children to ask teachers any questions about their learning, listen to a story being read to them or take part in a circle time session. Teachers will also host a drop-in session from 11:00 – 12:00. This is a chance for children to ask for help if they are struggling with some of their learning. Teachers will check children’s work and give weekly feedback. Please could you send pictures of your children’s work by uploading to the Y6 Team channel.

Year 6 will be expected to complete work for Literacy, Maths and a foundation subject (RE, Spanish, Science, Art, Computing) every day. Children will be able to access their work in the ‘files’ section on Teams.

If we have noticed that you child hasn’t been attending online sessions or engaging in their learning, we will give you a call to see why they haven’t joined the sessions.

If you need any support, please ring the office!


Miss Patrick, Ms Jolleys and Miss Ogunyemi

Year 6 Timetable