Welcome back to Reception!

We cannot believe that it is Summer Term already. We are already getting excited about all of the wonderful activities that Summer will bring – we can’t wait to get out and investigate our wonderful new outdoor area which should be ready very soon.

This half term we will become ‘Habitat Explorers’. We will have great fun learning about different habitats the animals that live there. There is so much to find out about. We will begin by looking at ponds and investigating frogspawn.  We will have some real frogspawn in our classroom and we will watch it carefully and see what happens. You could help by seeing if you can find any books in the library about tadpoles and frogs

.In maths we will continue doing lots of counting and we will develop our understanding of  simple number problems such as how to double and halve quantities. We can’t wait to see what the children can do with numbers once they start adding them together and splitting them up. You can support your child by doing lots of counting wherever you go. Can they spot any numbers on the way to school? Can they add two lots of numbers together? Make sure you use real objects if you are doing this – can they add 3 apples and 2 apples together? What about cutting things in half? Can you show them how to cut an apple in half?

In phonics we will continue learning our letter sounds and learning how to blend and segment. The children know know most of their letter sounds and are able to read and write simple words which is incredible. You can learn with your child by watching the Jolly Phonics songs together on YouTube. It’s really fun!

Please don’t forget to send a water bottle in for your child (water only please). Can you also make sure that your child has a bag of spare clothes on their peg. Please remember to put your child’s name in everything. Also, please remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast. If hot weather is predicted then please dress your child in cool clothes and send a sun hat. We will be spending lots of time exploring outside this term so our clothing will be important.

If you have any questions please just pop in and see us. We are always happy to help.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Neil, Mrs Francis and Miss McDermott