Year 5KG

Hello and welcome to Year 5!

I am the Year 5 class teacher, Mr Goodman. We are very lucky to be receiving support from Mr Warner across both classes. Mr Gonthier is also our assistant head teacher and will be covering lessons on a Wednesday afternoon with Mr Warner.

We are very excited to be teaching your child over the next academic year and hope to make learning engaging and interesting for all. 

We’re looking forward to a fantastic year with your children. Thank you all for your support, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Mr R Gonthier

Deputy Headteacher

This term in Geography we will be learning about Europe. We will be learning about a range of different European countries as well as the different regions of Europe including Scandinavia, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. In History, this term we’re starting to learn about the Anglo Saxons. This is such an exciting and interesting topic that we’re sure the children will love learning about. We will explore the impact that the Anglo Saxons have had on our country, look at how our current counties were designed by the Anglo Saxons cities and explore how our country changed when the Romans left and the Anglo Saxons took charge.

In our reading lessons, we will be reading a variety of text types and books by different authors. As reading plays an essential part in supporting your child’s progress in ALL subjects such as, maths, writing, science, history and geography your child needs to read daily for 10-15 minutes and discuss their reading with an adult. Please make sure you provide 10-15 minutes a day where your child has a quiet time and is encouraged to read.

We ask that the children change their books weekly by bringing the books back to school and handing them to the teacher. Please remind your children to bring their reading books to school as soon as they have finished reading it.

This year we are having a new focus on being word aware and will be learning a variety of new words throughout each week in school to help support the children with their vocabulary and understanding of more complex words in the English language.

In Science, we are going to be learning about the different forces, this is an exciting unit filled with practical activities aimed at helping children understand how different forces such as gravity and friction effect the world around us.

In Maths, we are looking at place value, addition and subtraction.  In Year 5, we would expect all children to have a good knowledge of all the place value of numbers all the way to 1,000,000 and will be looking at bigger numbers throughout this year. We will then be using a variety of strategies to tackle different addition and subtraction questions. Please support your child at home with practising their time table weekly. We still really encourage the children to continue using TTRockstars to help support the children with their timetable skills.  Your child’s arithmetic skills are incredibly important and are the foundation of many areas in maths.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we will have PE and this term we will explore gymnastics and basketball. PE kit should include: a white T-shirt, a black hoodie and black joggers, shorts or leggings.

Homework: In Year 5, we will provide your child with a homework on Friday, which will usually include a piece of maths homework and a piece of English homework. These pieces of homework will be posted on ClassDojo, children can either complete this work on paper at home or by using their homework book when it is provided. If you would like a member staff to look at the homework bring it in on Wednesday and a teacher will look at it.

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