What it means
Assessment Ways of judging how well children are progressing.
Attainment What children accomplish.
Core Curriculum English, Mathematics and Science – subjects which must be studied by all children.
Curriculum All the courses and learning opportunities a school offers or course of study being followed by children
Family Support Worker: FSW A Family Support Worker  is a person employed to support families in whichever way they may need it.
ICT: Information Communication Technology This refers to the use and study of computers.
IEP: Individual Education Plan A plan that is written for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). This plan supports the child in meeting their targets.
Inclusion A process by which schools, local authorities and other develop their cultures, policies and practices to include all students.
Key Stage Key stages are the different phases of a child’s education; EYFS: Early Years Foundation Stage = Nursery and Reception

KS1= Y1 and Y2.   KS2 = Y3 to Y6.

OFSTED: Office for Standards in Education The body which inspects state funded schools. Ofsted inspectors produce educational reports to help improve schools.
PSP – Pastoral Support Plan A document used to support positive behaviour.
SATs – Statutory Assessment Tests These tests are used to assess your child’s attainment at the end of Year 2 and Year 6
SENCO Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.
Target The individual goals set for a child. Targets are a way of checking a child’s progress.