Welcome Back!

Welcome back after the Easter holidays, we hope you had a fantastic time. This half term we will be starting a new topic about Spring! We will be exploring plants, flowers and mini-beasts such as caterpillars and butterflies.

A Wonderful World 

Understanding The World is one of the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. During our Spring topic we will provide your child with lots of hands on and exciting opportunities. Understanding the World covers three areas; People and Communities, The World and Technology.

People and Communities

Children talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. They know that other children don’t always enjoy the same things and are sensitive to this. They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others.

The World

Children know about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things. They talk about the features of their environment. They make observations of animals and plants and explain why some things occur and talk about changes.


Children are able to use simple technology, such as toys, torches, or a CD player. They recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They select and use technology for particular purposes. Children learn that information can be found on the internet and how to stay safe online.

How can you help at home?

There are lots of things you can do to help your child develop their understanding of the World around them;

  • Talk to them about things that happen at home, special events such as birthdays, religious festivals or holidays.
  • Children love talking about what they see. Why not go on a walk in the park or take a trip to the beach. Talk to your child about what they can see and hear. Also about how it is different to where they live.
  • Spending time with them looking closely at objects that they find such as a shell or a shiny rock will help them to develop a sense of awe and wonder for the world around them.
  • Why not look at some photos of your child and talk about how they have grown and changed.
  • Spring is here, maybe you could do some gardening together. Talk to your child about what plants need to grow, how we can look after them and watch how they change.
  • Children love technology! You could let them turn on the T.V and use the remote control, or switch on the CD player and play their favourite song.
  • Please also talk to your child about being safe on the internet. In nursery we have talked about always asking a grown up before using a phone, tablet or computer.

For more information on using technology with your child please read the online article Digital Technology and the Early Years. You might also want to look at the Words for Life website. Before your child uses the internet, please make sure you look at the websites before they use them.

To help your child stay safe online please visit;

 Healthy Hearts 

Please remember that if your child is bringing a drink into school, it should be just water. Children should not be coming into school eating sweets, crisps, chocolate or chewing gum. We talk to your child regularly about being healthy, exercising and eating healthy food. If you would like more information about how you can help your child to stay fit and healthy at home, please visit;

If you have any questions please just pop in and see us. We are always happy to help.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Healy and Miss Kelly