Ian Simpson



Summary of Experience

In a 25-year career, Ian has held a number of leadership positions in social housing that contribute to the unique skills set among the Governors at Unity. Ian is currently employed by the Guinness Partnership and is responsible for developing national strategy on access to work.

Ian is Chair of ‘Give Us A Chance’, the leading consortium of around 50 Housing Associations nationally that are transforming lives by enabling housing providers to support people in to employment. Ian leads the Board of Directors and an expert Consultant team in developing strategic partnerships with the employment support and adult education sectors. Ian has contributed to several ‘Give Us A Chance’ projects, published articles and presented at conferences advocating for employment and skills support.

Ian is also a Vice-Chair of the Global Center for Cooperative Security (UK). Global Center is a UK based charity in the that works closely with its counterpart in the United States and promotes responsive, fair, and accessible justice and security systems to safeguard human rights and promote sustainable development. Ian sees his role at Global Center as an opportunity to bring together world-wide innovations in social policy for the benefit of communities in the UK.