Training Day

Staff had a very busy day on the 16th February when school was closed for training. All EYFS staff were trained in WELLCOMM screening – this is a screen practitioners can do with younger children and their families to identify any speech and language needs and then deliver interventions to support them.

Unity also hosted the other Big Life school, Longsight Community Primary, on the training day. There was a focus on well-being throughout the day. David Oliver from ‘Unlike Minds’ talked to all staff about Brain Friendly/Growth Mindset schools and how classrooms can become Research Informed Learning Environments (RILE). Ms Jolleys delivered some excellent training on using restorative circles to develop children’s emotional literacy to all KS1 and KS2 staff. In the afternoon the focus was on staff well-being; everyone signed up for different workshops that would help with their personal well-being. There were fitness workshops, art therapy, singing, meditation, superfood smoothie making and ‘making meals in minutes’ which was delivered by Deborah Cox, the well-being lead across the schools. Mrs Ahmed, Head at LCP, even painted nails for staff!