Febraury 2017: We have now been in our new building for three months, and the work on the outside spaces is nearly complete!

October 2016: It’s nearly ready, we are all very excited to be moving in on Wednesday 2 November.

access doors Allesley drive entrance Bike store Glass entrance Reception entrance Reception step entrance Y3 class Y3 door

Summer 2016: The orange and purple windows are in making the building look very distinctive. The EYFS covered area is also now visible and the classrooms are starting to take shape

IMG_0228 IMG_0238 IMG_0273

28 June 2016: All the walls have gone up inside the building and the brickwork has started externally

IMG_0205[1] IMG_0213[1] IMG_0204[1]

26 May 2016: The insulation has been added to the walls and the windows are going in. In the next few weeks the brick work will go up along with the cladding on the upper floor. There is a great view of the city from the roof of the new building!

IMG_0184 IMG_0183 IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0176 IMG_0164

This is a really exciting time for Unity as we are in the first stage of building a brand new primary school. Here is where the building is currently up to:


The new building will be completed by October 2016. Here are the plans for our bespoke school:

30 March 2016. The full frame for the building is up!

IMG_0110 IMG_0111IMG_0112