About Our School

Unity Community Primary is a new school in the heart of Cheetham. The school was the vision of local parents and The Big Life group and has been developed with the community. Unity will follow the national curriculum focussing on enterprise and communication ensuring that pupils get the best start in life. Opening in 2015 with 60 pupils Unity will grow each year until we have 420 pupils in 2021. We have a strong staff team who know and are passionate about Cheetham which we’re confident will make our school a place for children and the community to thrive.

Parents and Children at the Heart of Unity Community Primary

Unity Community Primary began as a vision of local parents and will always have parents and children leading the growth of the school. They will be involved in all aspects of the school community; their views will be listened to and valued.

Embracing Enterprise and Communication Skills

Unity Community Primary will have a strong focus on communication entrepreneurial skills and works with families to ensure children are confident communicators from an early age. We will celebrate and value all languages and recognise that communication and language is the foundation of children’s attainment.

Birth to 11 Years Approach

Our school now has daycare and can take children from 2 years, We will work to offer an integrated learning and development environment for children from birth to eleven years old.