During the lockdown period, Year 2 are learning online using the platform Class Dojo which is familiar to all children and parents. Work will be set on this platform and will consist of videos, photos and uploaded activity sheets/ideas, including practical activities where possible.

In addition to this there are live sessions daily with class teachers including daily phonics/spelling groups and a story time session. Phonics/Spelling sessions are at 10am and are in two groups and Storytime is for everybody together at 3pm. Links to the live Zoom sessions are posted daily on Class Dojo as a reminder for parents. These sessions are recorded where possible and posted afterwards for children to be able to access if for any reason they could not attend live.

Children send work to the teaching staff in their class for feedback either through the messaging service on Class Dojo or by uploading to their ‘portfolio’. Staff provide written responses to work daily and support for parents/carers if needed. Staff keep a log of engagement in activities.

If staff are concerned that children are not logging on to Class Dojo or taking part in the live sessions, they will contact parents/carers by phone to offer further support and guidance. If after this initial discussion, children are still not engaging with online learning, a member of the Family Support Team will get in touch to see how school can provide further support.

Additional websites that may support your child’s learning are:

Year 2 Timetable